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"Sites for medical insurance quotes: 8 programs (showing 1-8)"

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eHealthInsurance    hot
They are arguably the leading place for individuals, families and                      
small businesses to learn and to get medical insurance quotes.
One of the reason is that they offer the largest selection of
medical plans, instant health insurance quotes, side-by-side
comparisons, online applications and a very well trained
Customer Care Team to help find the health plan that is right
for you.

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They are an insurance shopping service. After you submit your medical           
insurance quote request, NetQuote will find several leading
companies that can provide you with the best quote and they will
forward your quote request to them. NetQuote will then contact you
with the contact information of each company that wants to do
business with you. This means you do not have to repeat your
application over and over again to different insurance companies.
Remember they have been doing this since 1989 and are a consumer
service not an insurance company, hence you will get several
competing medical insurance quotes from different companies. This
will allow you to pursue the policy that best meets your needs.

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Health insurance
Using the ease of the web, makes it easier for                
individuals and small business owners to make informed decisions
about providing medical insurance for themselves and their employees.
They are in partnership with Kelsey National Corporation insurance
brokers and are backed by Kelsey Synapse Capital and pinnacle
capital. They provide fast, accurate medical insurance quotes and
extensive customer support.

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This is a free insurance shopping service that allows you to compare                
health insurance rates from multiple insurance companies by
completing one form. They will then match your profile to the most
suitable insurance carriers and you will receive all the health insurance
quotes available to you. The benefit of this is being able to shop for
insurance securely without any pressure from sales people and on
your own time. Their application form is detailed which means
that the insurance quotes you receive will be very firm rather then
estimates that will increase when more information is gathered about
your profile.

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Insweb is an online insurance marketplace that enables consumers                 
to comparison shop via medical insurance quotes.This service is free
and is a good way to find the rates available whilst entering your
information only once. The medical quotes you receive will be specific
to your profile and in your area. So to receive competitive quotes
from reputable companies with financial backing to pay consumer
claims in a timely manner I recommend you visit Insweb.

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Answer Financial

You can get medical insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. After                 
you compare plans from the different companies, you can apply directly
with Answer Financial.

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A place where people looking for health insurance can come in contact            
with licensed insurance professionals across the U.S. They combine
internet convenience with personal service to assure that you receive
the quotes that are suitable from the top rated insurance companies.
As well as access to local agents. They are independent of any
insurance company or agency. Also you will find plenty of educational
tools like their insurance 101 series, to help you make the best choice.

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Family Care Advantage
Family care advantage is health care that you and your family can afford.           
From doctor visits, eye check ups, dental, prescriptions and much more.
They can reduce your medical expenses by up to 80%. As a customer
no doubt you can appreciate how valuable this is to everyday life.

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Most of the quotes are available for all 50 states:
Alabama - Ala. - AL - Alaska - Alaska - AK - Arizona - Ariz. - AZ - Arkansas - Ark. - AR -
California -Calif. - CA - Colorado - Colo. - CO - Connecticut - Conn. - CT - Delaware - Del. - DE - Dist. of Columbia - D.C. - DC - Florida - Fla. - FL - Georgia - Ga. - GA - Hawaii - Hawaii - HI - Idaho - Idaho - ID - Illinois - Ill. - IL - Indiana - Ind. - IN - Iowa - Iowa - IA - Kansas - Kans. - KS - Kentucky - Ky. - KY - Louisiana - La. - LA - Maine - Maine - ME - Maryland - Md. - MD - Massachusetts - Mass. - MA - Michigan - Mich. -MI - Minnesota - Minn. - MN - Mississippi - Miss. -MS - Missouri - Mo. - MO - Montana - Mont. - MT - Nebraska - Nebr. - NE - Nevada - Nev. - NV - New Hampshire - N.H. - NH - New Jersey - N.J. - NJ - New Mexico - N.M. - NM - New York - N.Y. - NY - North Carolina - N.C. - NC - North Dakota - N.D. - ND - Ohio - Ohio - OH - Oklahoma - Okla. - OK - Oregon - Ore. - OR Pennsylvania - Pa. - PA - Puerto Rico - P.R. - PR - Rhode Island - R.I. - RI - South Carolina - S.C. - SC - South Dakota - S.D. - SD - Tennessee - Tenn. - TN - Texas - Tex. - TX - Utah - Utah - UT - Vermont - Vt. - VT - Virginia - Va. - VA - Washington - Wash. - WA - West Virginia - W.Va. - WV - Wisconsin - Wis. - WI - Wyoming - Wyo. - WY

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